Karol Mac Gairbheith is an architectural technologist that has recently returned home from London due to a mental illness and has been recovering through his newfound passion of painting. 

He started to paint the landscape of his native Gweedore town land viewing the sites through different eyes and appreciation.


Karol feels strongly connected to the School of London art movement, particularly having had lived in the shadow of Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff in London as a young adult who experienced delight in the city’s colour and forms. 

In the 1970s those artists stood firm, holding up paintings as the primary means of adding to the sum of useful art in the world.


Karol is influenced by the unique quality of daylight that is found in Ireland’s West Donegal and how dwellings and structures proliferate the rugged landscape. 

His energetic brushwork and strong use of colour enables him to transfer his feelings for his subject into the landscapes and this adds life to the paintings. 

Yet he strives to find a way to do something a new, rethinking how he can continue working with his subject, process, and the excitement of the paint.


Although Karol is mainly self taught, he also gives credit to his mentor Peadar McDaid, who is the Art Studio Director at ‘Create-a-link’, who have helped him and many other people who experience mental health difficulties, through making art.